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This page is devoted to my typewriter. May she rest in least until I can find another ribbon somewhere.

Many years ago, before the computer age was in full swing (to date myself, Doogie Howser was still on TV), I had a typewriter. It used to be my mother's, she bought it in 1962. She got it at a second hand store, it was already two years old, but it worked perfectly and had a nearly new two-tone ribbon. (Which was big stuff in those days.) My mother gave me her typewriter when I was 12, and I used it almost everyday. The click-clack and tappity-tap of the keys, the ding at the end of a line, growl of the scroll bar as it rolled--it was like a beautiful symphony! All those moving parts were complexity in its simplest form.
I used to sit at the desk in my room in front of my typewriter and write silly little stories. Stories that were reminiscent of the old detective stories from the thirties. They always had a wise-cracking detective, who carried a gun, and used the same old cliches over and over, and girl who had "legs from here to ya-ya", and a secretary who, without her precise organizational skills and cleverness, the detective would have surely died in the first paragraph. Ah, the good old days.
Let's face it, typing at a computer doesn't even begin to compare with typing at a typewriter. The words you type become real and tangible. There's no spell-checker, so had to actually know how to spell, and no grammer-check, so you better have paid attention in English class. If you messed up, you had to manually scroll down a few lines and apply some white-out, wait for it to dry, then manually scroll back up and retype the word. However, you didn't have to worry about a virus destroying your files, or a sudden crash that would invariably wipe your system clean. If something got lost, you probably just dropped it somewhere. Hackers, crackers, and phreakers weren't a problem either, mostly because phreakers didn't exist yet, and if they wanted your files, they actually have to come to your house, break-in, and physically steal them, leaving behind fingerprints, so as to be caught easily. Not to mention it, but there wouldn't be nearly as many hackers in the world if they actually had to physically break into your house to look at your files.
Stop laughing, I'm serious.
Speaking of my typewriter, does anyone know where I can get a two-tone black & red ribbon? I'm feeling nostalgic.

This is an excerpt of an actual conversation.

JRollerCoasterD: i'm freakin out

GoodFeathers: y?

JRollerCoasterD: i told ***** i remembered when you articulately defended the typewriter

GoodFeathers: I still do...but the ribbon broke...and they don't make that style ribbon anymore

Do you miss your old typewriter? Do you still have a typewriter? Do you use a typewriter? Frequently? If so, and you want to help me revive this dying art form, please send me an e-mail and tell me about your typewriter, what you used to write, and why you like the typewriter. It would be so very helpful to my cause of raising the awareness, art, and beauty that is the ancestor of the modern day computer.
To send me an e-mail, click the link below.