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On this page I will be listing links to some of the websites I come across in travels through cyber space. The websites I list may not all be suitable for children, and I have no control over what is on them. I put them on my links page because they are sites that I like. If you click one of the links below, you may find out why I like them.

Issendai's lair. This is a good one. The site is riddled with humor, I urge you to look around this one and find the Jedi stuff- it's hilarious.
Anomalies Unlimited. Words can't even describe. Probably not for kidlets.
Gamebrew. Games anyone? Pages and pages of games, java and shockwave. There are better games sites out there, but I get the feeling not everyone is a hardcore gamer. So we'll start small.
Push Hamburger. A little to the right, slightly anti-gay, but they makes some good points too. Also, they have some funny little stories. Graphics rich.
Deconstructionist. Just interesting, that's all.
Just Vegetable Recipes. Ever wonder, "What am I going to do with all this zucchini?" at harvest time? This site has the answer. Seriously, 562 zucchini recipes...that's just too many.
Absolute Anime (tm). They have everything you never really wanted to know about your favorite anime shows.
Unexplained. Just go with it.
Christine Marlow Designs. She's got some great art work, plus she's really nice. If you need someone to design some artwork for you, a poster, anything, you send her an e-mail.
Gaia Online. Roleplay, avatars, links to anime, art, rpgs, and a game two. earn Gaia Gold while just surfing the site and clicking the links (no it's not real money, and membership is free).
Runescape. MMORPG. Be a warrior, wood cutter, master of rune magic, metal smith, kill unicorns, or venture into the wilderness and kll other players!
Ill Will Press. They've got some odd little flicks. Ever wonder what the movie the Exocist would have been like if it were over in 30 seconds and all the actors were bunnies? Well, wonder no longer!
Atomfilms. Hope you have shockwave, because I highly recommend this site. It is an online cartoon series called Ninjai: the little ninja. It's about a little who is searching for himself. There are funny characters, lots of blood, I think I saw a piece of brain in the first chapter, and it's all around just a good watch. It works well
even on a crappy little 56K modem like what I've got. Highly recommended.
Ninja Burger. Don't you wish all job applications were like the one at ninja burger?
Evil Overlord Inc. A list of all the things an evil overlord should and should not do when becoming an evil overlord or attempting to maintain his power as an evil overlord. Also a parody page about what the Star Trek crews would do in order to change a lightbulb...
Pandora's Bishounen Tarot. Like bishounen? Like or want to learn about tarot? Mmmmm...delicious bishounen...yummy!
Ever wonder just how big of a nerd you really are or aren't? Take the test and find out! (I scored a 95: Nerd God--not certain if that's a good thing or a bad thing...)
The Grand and Poignant Adventures of Smokey and Asthmar. An interesting little web-comic I found...kind of funny, but you have to think about each episode to appreciate the humor behind it.

I'm still trying to find all the bookmarks I lost. During this search for my missing bookmarks, I came across some other interesting sites, which I will undoubtedly put here, on my links page. However, I will only list the good ones, otherwise, why would I have named this page "Good Links"?