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This page is dedicated to old friends. Some of whom, I still keep in touch with, and some I don't. However, near or far, whether they were there for a moment or a decade, they have impacted my life in many ways. Often, I find myself thinking of my old friends, and I wonder what they are up, what turns their life paths have taken, and if they remember me. Where ever they are now, I know that the moon they see at on a clear night, is the same moon that I see; because there is only sky, one open expanse of universe that connects us all in this life.

I wrote this shortly after I came across a website, on belongs to an old friend...he's mentioned in the "poem"--and I use the term "poem" loosely. It's just me, chattering about the guys I used to know, the house they lived in, and one of our old haunts.

Bosco had a plastic puppet
He had named it "Woody"
When people would
come over he'd ask them obscure questions.
"Do you wanna see my woody?"
He would say remarkably.
It wasn't until later
that they found out
about the puppet.
Bosco liked peach schnapps.
Miah fancied beer.
When they got together,
they made nude cartwheels
at night in the winter.
Miah had a girlfriend,
her name was Ruby, dear.
She gave him unique hickies
that went from here to there.
The hicky smiley face
was most memorable.
Later on, they split and
Miah was never quite the same.
Bosco and Miah lived
with Shaun, a real
sensitive guy
and a neat-freak
to the core,
he made checklists,
cooked and cleaned,
his brother worked at a store.
His brother's name was John,
he was obsessed with Prince.
Raspberry beret was
his very favorite song.
Bosco, Miah, Shaun, and John
lived with a guy named Shane.
Sounds of Metallica,
Beastie Boys, and Queen
gave his presence away.
He smoked and drank
so very much and was
Irish through and through.
Shane went to high school
with Kevin, a lovely boy,
who doted on his girl,
liked his whiskey,
drank his beer,
and loved his mother dear.
Bosco, Miah, Shaun, John, Shane, and Kevin
lived a guy named Luke.
Luke loved the ladies,
one at a time,
and loved life fiercely too.
He was a crazy nutter,
but still sweet at heart.
Bosco, Miah, Shaun, John, Shane, Kevin, and Luke
lived with a gal named Lucy.
Lucy was a pretty thing,
she had short blue hair,
slept with Shane,
and had a urinary tract infection.
Lucy stayed upstairs
from another girl
known only as Mittens.
Mittens was a stupid,
tiny thing, and got a shave
by a jerk who
shoved her in a microwave.
Lucy and Mittens
were the felines domesticus.
Bosco, Miah, Shaun, John, Shane, Kevin, Luke, Lucy, and Mittens
lived on 13th Ave.
in a big house by the river.
They had some nasty
neighbors who lied
and robbed them blind.
Their landlord was an ass
of the highest kind.
He charged them way too much,
and never did repairs,
the house was a shambles,
but the parties--
They were legendary.
In that house, we watched
too much porn
anime ran rampant,
anime porn was fun
and Wu-Tang films held a
place of high esteem.
We drank too much,
and made the
neighbors angry.
Our music was too loud,
and ways too unseemly.
Bosco, Miah, Shaun, John, Shane, Kevin, Luke, and I
would go to a place called Murray's.
Murray's had coffee, soda, friends,
and a theme song by a guy named Ben.
At the house on 13th Ave,
and at our coffee house
called Murray's,
it didn't matter who
you were, or where
you came from.
It didn't matter
what you did,
or who you did
it with, because,
"Nobody cares at Murray's",
or at the house on 13th Ave.
Seven guys I'll never
forget as long as I live,
who taught me that life
should never be taken
too seriously, and
too much fun
was not just a figure of speech,
but a way of life.
The magnificent seven
that I'll never forget
Bosco, Miah, Shaun, John, Shane, Kevin, and Luke.

Most of what you just read is quite factual, some is not. But don't confuse me with the details, just pass the diet cola.

My current, very much worth mentioning, friends are:

Jenny--cute, quirky, HALF A DAMNED-ASS COUNTRY AWAY!, smart, funny, caring, intelligent, best friend. I like the way we're usually on the same wave length.

Bobbo--funny, odd, little right-wing, has the ability to make me laugh--even when I don't want to, and he lives a green and pink apartment. The apartment isn't really who he is, I just thought I'd mention interesting color scheme. Also, I like the way his mind works--it ventures to places most won't.

Justin--inconstitant, uber-intelligent, nuckin' futs, mind like a steel trap or concrete, pending on how you look at things. End description.

Christine--also a tad inconstant, mellow, artistic, talented, and exceptionally perservering. I'm very proud to call her my friend.

I know, I don't have many friends. It's not because I'm pathetic (even though I do have my moments), I just don't like have more friends than I can count on two hanging around...I much prefer a few really good friends that I know I can trust.